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Dear Carpet Express,

I wanted to let you know what an excellent job Ryan, Stuart, Wayne and Tim did carpeting our property, while it was a pity Ryan couldn't be there for the whole 5 days, we were very thankful that Stuart provided continuity, leadership and knowledge to the effort as it evolved. Whilst I don't wish to criticise the UK worker, I can say that in my 18 years here, I have never seen a team work so hard each day from start to finish. Their dedication to the task is something for you to be proud of - no breaks and a 10 minute sandwich for lunch!

In addition, the team cleaned up each end of day (which my wife found particularly noteworthy) even without being asked. You must set very high standards for them. This could also be seen as they removed all debris carefully, carried heavy loads intelligently, and even swept my front steps! They also handled the stairways very well and put back all our items with respect and care. They are very proud to work for you, and I can see why.

Finally, when Stuart heard about a potential move of our offices in the city later this year he immediately asked us to consider Carpet Express for our carpet needs at that time. This is a very good commercial attitude by Stuart, and no doubt you have taught him well. My head office has to approve potential office move later this year, and if they do, I will do my best to have Carpet Express included in the list of companies asked for tender. You have Stuart and the team to thank for that!

I am sure you get loads of these letters but i just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your staff and the job they did.



Excutive vice president