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Dear Carpet Express

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the very successful re-carpeting of my London flat in Holmead Road, which all went smoothly.

The 3 fitters were personable and professional and were joined by 2 others to make sure the job was finished on time.

Thank you for the good deal you gave me on the carpet. I noticed the living area was of a much higher quality than my previous one, and the carpet has made a huge difference to the look and comfort of my home.

I was impressed by the problem solving abilities of your men as some of the doors needed to have a few millimetres shaved off to make the carpet fit.  Your fitter turned up the next day and the job was done in a short time.

Finally the small mats you whipped from the carpet leftovers are most useful.

Thank you again for a great job

Best wishes

Valerie Dennis